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BBC Click showcases Tappy’s wearable contactless payments technology

PARTNER NEWS: The latest episode of the British public broadcaster’s popular technology series includes a segment on wearable payments that features a demonstration of how consumers can use Tappy’s technology to add a tokenized bank card to a wide array of contactless devices, including NFC-enabled watch straps, headphones, rings, lipstick holders and more.

Click explains how users can associate a wearable with a tokenized Mastercard payment card using Tappy’s provisioning device, use the wearable to make contactless payments, and activate and deactivate their cards via the Tappy app.

It goes on to provide a first glimpse of Tappy’s new clasp for metal watch straps being used to make a point of sale payment in a retail outlet.

The wearable payments section of the show begins at 9m23s in the recording below:

“Let’s say that you’re shopping in a grocery shop and you’re already checking out with a lot of things in your bag,” Tappy CEO Wayne Leung says during an interview included in the segment.

“At the same time you want to take your wallet out or your phone out to pay; sometimes you just feel that it won’t be so efficient.

“So if [the wearable payment device] is already on your wrist, it’s much more convenient, it’s quicker for the checkout.”

Click can be seen around the globe on BBC World News and on social networks, as well as on radio, TV and iPlayer in the UK.