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What’s Tappy?

Tappy Technologies aims to be the world leading wearable payment integrator connected to banking partners and card networks with operations that span across North America, APAC and EMEA.  Tappy’s digital and hardware offerings are fully trusted and certified by industry standards including payment card industry (PCI) and EMVCo. 

Tappy was granted by Visa & Mastercard to be a “One for All” digital wallet solution provider for any practical accessory makers just like Google Wallet for any mobile phone makers. Our certified solution includes tokenisation platform, mobile wallet application, patented “Universal Passive Provisioning Unit”, and network certified contactless payment form factors. 

Tappy Technologies has the vision “Make anything-you-love be (Tappable) at anytime from anywhere”. Tappy believes in work-life-health balance that living your life without being digitally bound by mobile phone, whereas one can physically enjoy your life without sacrificing technology convenience.

“Basically, we are able to enable others to become an Apple Pay or Google Pay.”

Tappy TES Program | Token Enablement Services

Tappy’s Tokenization solution, Token Enablement Service (TES) provides the infrastructure for a user to digitize their existing credit, debit or pre-paid cards (of a participating Issuer) into the flexible Secure Element (SE) chip on their wearable device or on to a mobile device and activate secure payments for use at any contactless POS terminal.

Tappy PLC Program | Pre-Loaded Credential Program

The PLC solution is a passive chip that has a pre-provisioned PAN (Primary Account Number) provided by the Issuer-partner representing a pre-paid debit card account. This flexible passive chip can be embedded within a watch strap or other flexible wearable device, which can be managed using an issuer web portal or mobile app.

Tappy’s wearables payment solutions are designed to work at any contactless point-of-sale terminal, globally

Tappy adds Payment | Access control | Geolocation to traditional timepieces/ jewelries and accessories by pre-provisioning secure data keys into a battery less secure element chip.

Tappy’s battery-less biometric finger print sensor provides two-factor verification, which is a security process that involves two different layers of authentication. Mainly used for higher transaction value at contactless payment terminal.