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International Conference on Smart Wearable Technology


25 October 2021



Hong Kong

This year, the International Conference on Smart Wearable Technology will be held at the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), which allows the local Industrialists to share novel knowledge and innovative application of Smart Wearable technology, such as wearable bioelectronics, smart glasses and smart clothing, etc. Through the exhibition of
locally-developed Smart Wearable products, participants can be able to experience the smart application and be more innovative.

The International Conference aims to promote the Smart Wearable technology to the key stakeholder in Hong Kong
manufacturing industry in upgrading their capabilities and transforming them into an innovation and technology cluster for the development of innovative products.

Conference’s Concurrent Activities

Pioneers’ Technical Forum 
The forum provides a platform for technology pioneers from different industrial sectors to share
their views on the development of Smart Wearable technology in different aspects, knowledge
domains and experience with all participants.

Wearable Tech Showcase 
Local Smart Wearable solution providers will demonstrate their latest development, aiming at
inspiring more developments in Smart Wearables.