Tappy (China) Program

2019 -

Tappy (China) Program

Tappy in partnership with China Expresspay Card

About China Expresspay Card
The establishment of China Expresspay card was under the guidance of the People's Bank of China. It aims to explore the use of financial standard prepaid cards as a carrier to realize cross-industry cross-border payment and one-card use, and gradually introduce them to domestic major commercial banks. Participate in the creation of a financial standard prepaid card issuance platform and cross-industry payment application platform, and promote the financial standard prepaid card to become the mainstream of market development. It is a joint venture established by Bank of China and China UnionPay through institutional investment, with a registered capital of 630 million yuan. Registered in Shanghai.

The company is mainly engaged in cross-industry cooperation as the core of convenience payment, Internet finance centered on mobile Internet, cross-border finance with cross-border payment as the core, and Huiyi Finance with rural finance as the core business.

Tappy enables "Quick Pass" into any products

Embed "Quick Pass" onto any product, such as watches, jewelry, bracelets, car keys, key fobs, etc.

Tappy in partnership with China Expresspay Card

As the only member of China UnionPay special card issuance in China, Yin Tong Card is the only financial standard prepaid card franchise enterprise in China. It adopts the bank card business technical standard and the central bank financial payment standard, and has high security. The Yin Tong Card account can be used in the global UnionPay network channel. You can offer your customers a fun, fast and secure contactless payment product with your logo.

KYC (Know Your Customers)

Enhance their experience, understand them through demographics and consumer behavior, and build better relationships.

How it works

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Tappy entering Shenzhen (China) public transport

You can download the latest version of SAGA Pay wallet here:


Version Beta 1.01

Minimum Requirements: 512M ram & 40M storage

  • Android OS 4.5 Kitkat or above
  • IOS
  • Windows not compatible
  • Tablet devices are not supported

Service Agreement

User : ZYT Card Applicant / Cardholder

ZYT : China Expresspay Card (hereinafter referred to as “ZYT")

    Whereas User has complete knowledge and understanding of and fully complies with ZYT Registered Prepaid Card Policy and this Agreement, User voluntarily applies to ZYT for the use of ZYT virtual card, and both Parties have reached the following agreement on the application for and use of ZYT virtual card and other related matters:

Article I Application

  1. User shall provide his/her valid identity information when applying for the ZYT virtual card. During the advanced identity verification, User shall also provide ZYT with his/her valid identity document, and guarantee to ZYT that all application materials are true, complete, accurate, legal and valid.

2.            ZYT has the right to decide whether to approve User’s application. The application materials provided by Party A will not be returned whether the card application is approved or not.

3.            If User's basic data is changed, such as valid ID number, mobile phone number, contact information, User shall contact ZYT in a timely manner to change the same. User shall bear all the risks and losses due to User's failure to perform the above obligations in a timely manner.

4.           ZYT is obligated to keep User's information confidential and shall take effective measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of User's information, except for the following circumstances:

(1)    Where disclosure is mandatory under applicable laws;

(2)    Where a judicial department, government department or regulatory body requires disclosure;

(3)    Where User agrees and authorizes ZYT to disclose to any third party according to this Agreement, inter alia, User's information.

5.            User knows the fee schedule published by ZYT and agrees to pay all the fees accordingly.

6.            Once the ZYT virtual card is granted, User shall keep it properly, and shall otherwise bear the losses due to User's improper storage and disclosure of the virtual card information.

Article II Use

1.            The password of the ZYT virtual card consists of six digits, which is mandatory when the card is initially granted, to be used for spending over UnionPay and other networks.

2.            All transactions conducted via passwords shall be deemed as the acts of User himself/herself. Electronic information records generated in various transactions conducted via the password and other electronic tokens are regarded as the valid evidence. For the transactions conducted by User through telephone, ZYT's voice records shall be the valid evidence of transactions for User. User shall keep the password properly, and otherwise all losses therefrom shall be borne by User himself/herself.

3.            If User enters wrong password more than 3 times in a row within a single day, the card will be locked automatically. If User forgets the password, he/she may reset the password through the APP designated by ZYT with the same valid ID document and the card number furnished for the application.

4.            The ZYT virtual card does not have a valid period, and the funds in the card are permanently liquid and can be repeatedly recharged.

5.            If User has any doubt about a transaction, he or she may turn to ZYT within six months from the transaction day and request ZYT to help the investigation. ZYT shall reply within 10 business days. If User does not raise any doubt about a transaction within six months therefrom, User shall be deemed to approve the transaction.

6.            User shall abide by the relevant national laws and regulations and the relevant regulations of China UnionPay and ZYT when spending, recharging and conducting other transactions with various transaction terminals and self-service equipment in China as well as Internet transactions settled in RMB, and shall adhere to the relevant regulations of the state financial regulators, foreign exchange administrators, China UnionPay and other institutions for overseas spending and online transactions.

Article III Loss reporting/ unregister

1.            When User can’t use his/her virtual card or his/her virtual card is used without his/her authorization as his/her mobile device is lost or stolen, User shall report the loss in a timely manner. Such loss reporting is provisional and may be unregistered by User. After the loss reporting, User can still check the balance and transfer funds to the card account, but no other transactions such as spending can be conducted.

2.            User may report the loss through channels designated by ZYT, including customer service hotline.

3.            User shall be responsible for transactions occurring before effective loss reporting.

Article 4 Supplementary Provisions

1.            In any of the following circumstances, ZYT shall not assume any responsibility and all losses shall be borne by User.

(1)    User colludes with others to cheat or commit other dishonest acts.

(2)    User assigns and lends the ZYT virtual card or its account to others.

(3)    User uses the ZYT virtual card to engage in illegal transactions.

(4)    User violates other clauses of this Agreement.

(5)    Other circumstances as determined by ZYT due to force majeure and changes in policies and regulations.

2.            Matters not covered in this agreement shall be handled in accordance with the ZYT Registered Prepaid Card Policy, the relevant laws and administrative measures promulgated by the People's Bank of China among others. ZYT has the right to amend, change and adjust this Agreement, the Policy and the Product Guide according to laws, regulations, regulatory provisions and actual needs of business development, and will notify User in advance of such amendment, change and adjustment. The above-mentioned amendment, change and adjustment are binding on both parties. The announcements mentioned in this agreement refer to the announcements made by ZYT through its own and cooperative bank outlets, customer service hotline.

3.       This Agreement shall be governed by the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China. All disputes arising from the performance of this Agreement by User and ZYT shall be settled through negotiation between the two parties. If the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to a competent court where the signing branch office of ZYT is located.

Supporting Banks :

BankCard Type - Support
Agricultural Bank Of China (ABC)debit card
Bank of China (BOC)debit card
China Construction Bank (CCB)debit card
Bank of Communications (BOCOM)debit card
Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC)debit card
China CITIC Bankdebit card
China Everbright Bank debit card
Huaxia Bankdebit card
China Minsheng Bank (CMBC)debit card
Shenzhen Development Bankdebit card
China Merchants Bank debit card
Industrial Bank Co., Ltddebit card
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
Co., Ltd. (SPDB)
debit card
Ping An Bank debit card
China Bohai Bank (CBHB)debit card
Bank of Beijing (BOB)debit card
Bank of Shanghaidebit card
Citibank (China)debit card
Standard Chartered Bank (China) debit card
Société Généraledebit card
United Overseas Bank (UOB)debit card
Shinhan Bankdebit card
Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK)debit card
安顺市商业银行debit card
安徽省农村信用社debit card
安阳银行debit card
保定银行debit card
Baoshang Bank (BSB)debit card
Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank
debit card
Chongqing Rural Commercial Bankdebit card
常熟农村商业银行debit card
承德银行debit card
Bank of Cangzhoudebit card
长治市商业银行debit card
德阳银行debit card
Dongguan Rural Commercial Bankdebit card
Bank of Ordosdebit card
Fujian Haixia Bankdebit card
抚顺银行debit card
Fudian Bankdebit card
广西北部湾银行debit card
广西农村信用社debit card
Bank of Guangzhoudebit card
广东农村信用社debit card
Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank
(GRC Bank)
debit card
赣州银行debit card
Guilin Bankdebit card
甘肃省农村信用社联合社debit card
Bank of Hebei debit card
河北省农村信用社debit card
Huishang Bankdebit card
Bank Of HeBidebit card
衡水市商业银行debit card
HARBIN BANKdebit card
Hainan Rural Credit Cooperativedebit card
Hunan Rural Credit Cooperativedebit card
Hubei Rural Credit Cooperativedebit card
Hubei Bank Corporation Limiteddebit card
葫芦岛银行debit card
Bank of Handandebit card
Bank of Jiaxingdebit card
晋城银行debit card
Jiangxi Rural Credit Cooperativedebit card
Jiangsu Rural Credit Cooperativedebit card
Bank of Jiangsudebit card
Jiangyin Rural Commercial Bankdebit card
Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bankdebit card
吉林省农村信用社debit card
Bank of Jilindebit card
晋中市商业银行debit card
Jinhua Bank (JH Bank)debit card
Bank of Jiujiangdebit card
Kunshan Rural Commercial Bankdebit card
库尔勒市商业银行debit card
Bank of Kunlundebit card
凉山州商业银行debit card
乐山市商业银行debit card
临商银行debit card
Bank of Liuzhoudebit card
漯河银行debit card
Bank of Lanzhoudebit card
Bank of Inner Mongoliadebit card
内蒙古农村信用社debit card
宁夏黄河农商银行debit card
Bank of Nanchangdebit card
Bank of Nanjingdebit card
南充市商业银行debit card
平顶山银行debit card
攀枝花市商业银行debit card
Qilu Bankdebit card
秦皇岛市商业银行debit card
Bank of Quanzhoudebit card
曲靖市商业银行debit card
青海省农村信用社debit card
Bank of Qingdao (BQD)debit card
Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
debit card
三门峡银行debit card
上饶银行debit card
深圳福田银座村镇银行debit card
Bank of Shangqiudebit card
深圳农商银行debit card
Bank of Suzhou (BSZ)debit card
遂宁市商业银行debit card
顺德农村商业银行debit card
四川省农村信用合作社debit card
山东省农村信用社debit card
山西省农村信用社联合社debit card
泰安市商业银行debit card
太仓农村商业银行debit card
唐山市商业银行debit card
Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial
Bank (TJBHB)
debit card
Taizhou Bank (TZB)debit card
潍坊银行debit card
威海市商业银行debit card
Bank of Wuhaidebit card
吴江农商银行debit card
无锡农村商业银行debit card
Bank of Wenzhoudebit card
乌鲁木齐市商业银行debit card
Xiamen Bank (XMBANK)debit card
Bank of Xuchangdebit card
Bank of Xingtaidebit card
宜宾市商业银行debit card
雅安市商业银行debit card
阳泉市商业银行debit card
玉溪市商业银行debit card
云南省农村信用社debit card
营口银行debit card
浙江稠州商业银行debit card
Zhejiang Mintai Commercial Bankdebit card
朝阳银行debit card
Bank of Zhengzhoudebit card(card number starting
from 96828、940056 does not support)
Rural Commercial Bank Of
debit card
张家口市商业银行debit card
自贡市商业银行debit card
Bank of Zhoukoudebit card
遵义市商业银行debit card


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