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What does tokenization mean?

How it works

  • The card’s primary account number (PAN) is replaced with an alternate card number called a token
  • The tokenized card details are delivered to the mobile device through a process called digitization


To put it simply it means digitizing or virtualizing your existing card into your phone just like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay etc.

For this purpose all the user needs to do is to take a photo of their payment card from within the App or enter the card details manually. Our back end system will then automatically send the information to Visa/Mastercard who will tokenize / digitize it. The tokenization process happens in the background in a way that is invisible to the consumer. Now this new virtual card is ready to be synced to your watch. 

What happens after the payment card is digitized or tokenized?

Once the payment card is tokenized then it is ready to by sync’d with the passive battery less chip embedded in your watch strap thus allowing contactless payment through your watch. This syncing is done using a patented and certified provisioning clip called the Universal Passive Provisioning Unit (UPPU). The UPPU is clipped on the strap to transfer the token from the phone into the strap. Once the action is completed the user can remove the UPPU clip and start making payments with your watch.

Learn more, please see Tappy’s TVC

What about the APP itself?

Tappy will provide its Visa/Mastercard certified App which can be white labelled for your brand….hence the UI can have your brand’s marking / branding.

How does your brand benefit from Tappy's Tokenization solution?

Our tokenization solution allows your brand to sell your payment enabled watches globally and not confined to one country sales only. There is no longer a reliance on individual banks as Visa/Mastercard enables the banking cooperation at the bank end.

That's great but are there any other benefits apart from sales?

Absolutely, Tappy can offer the real time data analytics within the stipulated GDPR guidelines. We can provide you a daily dump of aggregated data through our dash board informing you details like:

  • How many number of registered brand users are there.

  • How many users have actually activated the payment functionality in their watch.

  • Locations where the wearer of the watch made the purchasing tapping their watch on the contactless terminals.

  • Age demographics of the users

  • Aggregated Transaction Data like – average transaction amount, average number of transactions, merchant information, merchant location, etc.


Needless to say the above information is worth its weight in gold (and there is so much more)

The days of selling the watch and forgetting about the customer are gone. Since the end user will use your brand’s app to check the transaction record, they will always be engaged with your brand allowing you to push relevant offers and discounts to them. You can also devise dedicated marketing campaigns and work closely with the merchants on promotions. There is a lot more to it which can be explained in a detailed f2f presentation.

How do I download Tappy Pay app?

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Software Update?

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